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                                     Take-away beer is available direct from the brewery (subject to availability) in 2 and 4 pint secure HDPE bottles.

                                   We also have 9 pint, 18 pint and 36 pint beer-in-a-box available too. Only advanced orders taken for beer-in-a-box.                            

  Alcohol sales are for over 18's only. Credible ID required.

£3.20 500ml. 4.2% abv     Subtle additions of real black cherries in muscovado with light Amarillo hopping provide a truly wonderful taste experience.

£3.40 500ml. 5.0% abv     Notes of sweet oranges, grapefruit, lemons, resin, pine with a floor roasted malt  backbone to carry a lasting bitter sweet finish.   

Black Cherry Mild                        

£3.40 500ml. 5.0% abv    Coffee, chocolate, vanilla and roast chestnuts. Gentle balancing bitterness derived from Waimea and Sticklebract hops.

Chennai Premium IPA       

Micro Lot Coffee Porter    Sold out

£3.00 500ml. 4.0% abv     A glorious chestnut beer with simple roasted malt notes.Gentle floral  bitterness derived from a blend of English hops.

Kissingate Sussex

Powder Blue Blueberry Porter  Sold out

£3.50 500ml. 5.5% abv     Full bodied dark roasted backbone. Subtle blueberry and raisin notes with a gentle gathering bitterness.

Murder of Crows Imperial Stout  

£7.00 330ml. 10.0% abv   A rare and decadent double mashed Imperial Stout. Hints of chocolate biscuit, cream, vanilla and well aged brandy.

Six Crows Stout Sold out

£3.80 500ml. 6.6% abv    A rich, dark and decadent stout with intense notes of molasses, bourbon, oak and woodsmoke.

We welcome visitors to our brewery. You can enjoy a beer, cider, perry, wine or a range of soft drinks at our bar or relax in our minstrel's gallery.

We have ample parking at the brewery.

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Please Note: Our bottled beers are rare and can only be purchased directly from the brewery. None are available in supermarkets, off licenses or wine merchants.

        Six bottle presentation pack

Bottle packs can be mixed to order

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£15.00 per guest

£25.00 per guest.

Kissingate Tours from £18.00 per guest

Brew Day Experiences from £52.00 per guest

Tickets are available to buy as gifts for friends and family. Please call the brewery on 01403 891335

or mail us to find out more.

The Kissingate shop

Metal Cat

£3.70 500ml. 5.8% abv    A strong, fruity amber ale. Subtle peach character. Complex, balancing bitter sweet finish.

                   Beers available fresh from the cask 12th - 19th January

5.0%  £3.20 per pint

Notes of sweet oranges, grapefruit, lemons, resin, pine with a floor roasted malt backbone to carry a lasting bitter sweet finish.    

£3.20 500ml. 4.5% abv     An extra pale beer with a fresh hoppy character and subtle citrus fruit undertones.

Kissingate Moon  Sold out                       

4.8%  £3.10 per pint

Dark chocolate and soft vanilla notes. Predominant malty mouthfeel, with a medium dry hoppy finish.

4.0%  £2.70 per pint

A glorious chestnut beer with simple roasted malt notes. Gentle floral and gathering bitterness derived from a blend of English hops. Crisp, sherbet bitterness, sweet malty finish.