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On Fridays and Saturdays you can also takeaway some of our delicious

freshly made pasties, sausage rolls and cakes!

It's just our way of providing a little lock-down cheer for our wonderful customers.

Takeaway beers are available in 2 and 4 pint  HDPE (plastic) bottles. You can bring your own containers or growlers which we will sterilise prior to filling. Please do not bring milk bottles to the brewery.

Takeaway bottles are now 50p each. However please keep your empties and lids for us to recycle so you pay no more.

Thank you.

£3.20 500ml. 4.2% abv     Subtle additions of real black cherries in muscovado with light Amarillo hopping provide a truly wonderful taste experience.

£3.50 500ml. 5.0% abv     Notes of sweet oranges, grapefruit, lemons, resin, pine with a floor roasted malt  backbone to carry a lasting bitter sweet finish.   

Black Cherry Mild                        

£3.40 500ml. 5.0% abv    Coffee, chocolate, vanilla and roast chestnuts. Gentle balancing bitterness derived from Waimea and Sticklebract hops.

Chennai Premium IPA     

Micro Lot Coffee Porter    Sold out

£3.00 500ml. 4.0% abv     A glorious chestnut beer with simple roasted malt notes. Gentle floral bitterness derived from a blend of English hops.

Kissingate Sussex    

Powder Blue Blueberry Porter  

£3.60 500ml. 5.5% abv     Full bodied dark roasted backbone. Subtle blueberry and raisin notes with a gentle gathering bitterness.

Murder of Crows Imperial Stout  

£7.00 330ml. 10.0% abv   A rare and decadent double mashed Imperial Stout. Hints of chocolate biscuit, cream, vanilla and well aged brandy.

Six Crows Stout  

£3.80 500ml. 6.6% abv    A rich, dark and decadent stout with intense notes of molasses, bourbon, oak and woodsmoke.

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Please Note: Our bottled beers are rare and none are available in supermarkets, off licenses or wine merchants.

Gift ideas

Bottle packs from £16.00. Can be mixed to order. T-shirts sizes - Small, medium, large, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL £12.00

Vouchers are available to buy as gifts for friends and family. We also have £10 gift vouchers that can be used to purchase a variety of Kissingate products. Please call the brewery on 01403 891335 or mail us to find out more.

£3.30 500ml. 4.5% abv     An extra pale beer with a fresh hoppy character and subtle citrus fruit undertones.

Kissingate Moon                       

Blackeyed Susan  

£3.80 500ml. 6.8% abv    An extra smooth strong mild. Notes of chocolate, sweet malt and vanilla.

         Brewery fresh beers direct from Kissingate's cellar

               24th - 27th February (subject to availability).

Chennai IPA 5.0%  £3.50 per pint

Notes of sweet oranges, grapefruit, lemons, resin, pine with a floor roasted malt backbone

supporting a lasting bitter sweet finish.

Kissingate Sussex 4.0%  £3.00 per pint

A glorious chestnut beer with simple roasted malt notes. Gentle floral and gathering bitterness derived from a blend of English hops. Crisp, sherbet bitterness, sweet malty finish.  


All Tours and Brew Days have been cancelled for now. However vouchers can be purchased as gifts and used for when lockdown measures lift.


Seacider Hardcore 7.3%  £3.90 per pint  

A beautifully smooth, crisp & extra pale natural medium cider from one of our favourite award winning Sussex producers.

Cakes & other delights for the weekends

We have a weekly selection of Bunny's superb cakes, sausage rolls and pasties available for takeaway on

Fridays 10.00am ~ 4.00pm & Saturdays 10.00am ~ 3.00pm.

Contactless payments taken

              There is nothing like an extensive range of very sensibly priced fresh cask beer direct from the brewery.

            So you can be assured tip-top quality as this is where the beer is made and lovingly cared for.  

   Please note that all Kissingate beers are vegan friendly and naturally clear.

A multi award winning brewery set in a quiet wooded valley in the village of Lower Beeding near Horsham, West Sussex.

A slightly more complex extra pale natural medium cider also from one of our favourite award winning Sussex producers.

Seacider Bourbon Barrel-aged 6.9%  £3.90 per pint  Sold out

The best Sussex brewery on Tripadvisor

The most warm & welcoming brewery in the South East of England

Kissingate Brewery produces great multi award winning beers in a delightfully peaceful location near the village of Mannings Heath, Horsham, West Sussex

A number one venue and destination for those who love their real ales

Takeaway beer Sussex

Stout Extreme Jamaica   Sold out

£3.80 500ml. 6.0% abv     A rich bitter-sweet stout. Subtle liquorice, coffee and molasses flavours with a hint of rum on the nose.

Seacider Lemon Meringue Limited Edition 4.0%  £3.90 per pint  

A genuine taste of lemon meringue made with lemons and apples creating a delicious citrusy cider.

A full fruit and flavoursome dark mild. Subtle additions of real black cherries and gentle hopping provide a truly wonderful taste experience.

Black Cherry Mild 4.2%  £3.20 per pint

JB Cider (medium) 5.8%  £3.90 per pint  

A traditional medium cider from just down the road in Maplehurst. A mixed variety apples provide a fresh bitter sweet flavour.

Blackeyed Susan Strong Mild 6.8% £3.90 per pint

A deep, rich traditional stout. Notes of dark chocolate derived from black and amber malts. Gentle bitter sweet finish with a hint of wood smoke.

Smelter's Stout 5.1%  £3.60 per pint

A beautiful strong mild with notes of chocolate, sweet malt and vanilla.

A beautifully soft and balanced harvest beer with subtle hazelnut notes. Produced using our very own hops picked by families and friends of Kissingate Brewery.

Little Green Nutter 5.0%  £3.50 per pint

You can visit Kissingate Brewery and buy direct, pre-order via email

or call 01403 891335

Kissingate's retro sweet shop is expanding it's range every week. We're driven by your desire to relive those sweet memories from the past. Next time you visit treat yourself to a bag or two. Let us know your favourites and we'll do our best to get them in.

We're not all about beer you know!!

           Half pint etched £6.00                                         Pint etched £6.00

Local home delivery service

We are now delivering to the Horsham area within a five mile radius of the brewery on Thursdays and Fridays.

We also deliver to Crawley (West Sussex) Fridays too (£20.00 minimum order in both areas applies). Please note that there are no timed deliveries. We aim to deliver our products between 4.30pm and no later than 7.00pm. Please ensure there is a safe place to leave your order if nobody is at home.

You can call us on 01403 891335 or email us to place your orders.

Full payment for must be made in advance and can be processed by BACS via email or over the phone if you prefer.

You can call us for boxed beer prices on 01403 891335 or email us to place your orders. Please give us at least 2 days notice so we can prepare your order. Box sizes are 9 pint, 18 pint, 36 pint. Payment for beer must be made in advance and can be processed at the brewery by card, BACS or over the phone payment if you prefer.

Kissingate Moon 4.5%  £3.30 per pint

An extra pale beer with a fresh hoppy character and subtle mango and peach fruit undertones.

Powder Blue Blueberry Porter 5.5% £3.70 per pint

Full bodied dark roasted backbone. Subtle blueberry and raisin notes with a gentle gathering bitterness.

Throughout February we will be showcasing at least ten different Kissingate beers for you to try at home. Our takeaway counter is safe and provides the perfect place to discuss anything you wish about the beers we produce and the ones you would like to try. We believe that there are no special seasons for beer really. You can enjoy our Smelter's Stout served cold on warm summer day, or a Kissingate Moon extra pale on cold wintery evening. Mild in May makes no sense to us as we produce two mild beers which are available all year round. There are no boundaries stopping you from trying our cask fresh beers direct from the brewery and learning a little about how they are made too.

Black Cherry Mild en plus 7.0% £3.90 per pint

A black cherry, chocolate and sweet malt crescendo. Subtle sweet gentle hop finish.

A sessionable speciality stout. Subtle sweet raspberries and a hint of vanilla on the nose.

Flavours of dark roasted malt with a medium dry finish.  


Ripple Raspberry Stout 4.0%  £3.00 per pint

Lockdown Musings...

Without doubt the pandemic has forced us to make major changes to the way Kissingate Brewery operates for the unforeseeable future. With one 'stroke of the hand' our route to market was cut off as pubs were forced to close leaving us with a mountain of beer in our coldroom with nowhere to go. Our new taproom had to close too following a considerable amount of investment. We cancelled dozens of brewery tours and private events as well as our annual Open Days. The cost of losing our empty casks and issuing unsold beer credits across various pub sites added to our worries. Things looked bleak to begin with as we felt that running our own business and being self employed left us more exposed to financial ruin than those in employment. Without the option to furlough or work from home we had to dig deep and think of a survival plan that would carry us through. Closing the brewery was unthinkable so we decided to reduce our large list of fixed costs in any way we could. Fortunately for us the government allowed breweries to sell beer for takeaway and home delivery for those who hold a premises licence including offsales. However we initially thought that offsales would not maintain business viability for very long but we planned ahead with infinite positivity. We declared all areas within the brewery as closed and set up a takeaway counter at the front of the building with the main doors open. The carpark was kept clear so that safe distance queuing could take place. We purchased santitizer stations and implimented all the recommended safety measures. After launching a social media campaign notifying the general public that we were still open for business it was just a case of waiting to see what happened next. It came as a complete surprise when folks started to up in significant numbers to buy beer and show their support. From day one we decided to showcase at least ten cask fresh beers and a range of bottled beers along with a selection of local ciders. Our takeaway service now runs with military precision as our wonderful customers have embraced the 2 & 4 pint HDPE bottles and our recycling methods. We've had to reduce our brewing activity and have taken the lockdown opportunity to brew in smaller batches. Some brews we have revived during lockdown were no longer available to pubs due to the cost of making them. We are now busily brewing new and exciting beers for the summer season. In keeping with our values it is often the case that our next brew will be decided on by public concensus. We are truly humbled by the terrific support we recieve from all our customers/friends. Already we are planning events for when the Kissingate opens again. We are a fun loving family run business that enjoys an enourmous amount of help from the local community. We will never forget our lockdown journey and hope that eventually something good will come for us all.

Buy beer to take home from our safe takeaway counter

Plenty of space for parking.

You can visit Kissingate and buy direct, pre-order via email or phone 01403 891335

Takeaway counter open Tuesday - Friday 10.00am - 4.00pm.  Saturday 10.00am - 3.00pm.

Closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Alcohol sales are strictly for 18 year olds and above. We operate a Challenge 25 policy. Only credible forms of ID accepted.